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We want to enable a change in perspective – for as many people as possible. As well as possible. As diverse as possible. As often as possible. But we don’t want to exploit anyone.
Journalists, translators, programmers, graphic designers, editors, regional coordinators, and all other people who actively participate in InPerspective should be paid. Not only to ensure fairness – but also to improve the project’s quality.

How does funding benefit InPerspective?

With funding, no one has to work at night or on weekends anymore. Journalists can make their contributions exclusively for us – and are given enough time to research. We can decide on the language of the translations – without being restricted to our European volunteer network and friends. We would have an editorial schedule in one office, and not ten schedules in ten different private apartments.

Why is InPerspective available for free?

How can we finance InPerspective in the long run? This has been a challenging question since the beginning. And this is not only of concern to us: The funding of online journalism has been in a crisis ever since. There is no easy answer for anyone, and we are no exception. We want to make our content accessible to as many people as possible. We break down language barriers. But paid content requires the access to credit cards, and that's not the case everywhere. Even in regions where people do have everyday access to the Internet.
Perhaps we develop a paid app. Perhaps we print special issues. Perhaps we sell stamps or T-shirts. Or perhaps we enter into partnerships with publishers. But the content should remain free of charge. Therefore we rely on your donations.

Donations and independent journalism?

All donations that are higher than 1000 Euro will be published on our website with the name of the donor and the amount of the donation. This is how we can ensure independent journalism. If desired we will publish the name of the donor and the amount of the donation even in cases where less than 1000 Euros have been donated. Donating anonymously is also fine.

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