We are very proud to publish the HostwriterPrize 2015 winning contributions: 

First Prize:  "Heavy Metal: Too loud for China"  (German) by Caroline von Eichhorn (Germany), Christoph Behrens (Germany) and Lu Yang (China)

Second Prize:  "Far away, so close"  (English) by Silvia Gianelli (Italy) and Yermi Brenner (Germany)

Apart from the original stories, we by now published translations of the first prize (Heavy Metal: Too loud for China) into French and English and the second Prize (Far away, so close) into German and Spanish

Thanks to our translators: Alisa Engberg, Rosemarie Borel, Gerrit Bayer-Hohenwarter and Cati Ana Moragues! Thanks as well to Spiegel Online und Aljazeera America for the permission to republish and translate the winning articles!


Hostwriter is a Berlin based non-profit organization, running a network where journalists can meet up with colleagues from around the world. The HostwriterPrize is given to cross-boarder stories that have been realized with the help of the hostwriter-network. If you want to learn more about hostwriter and our collaboration, read our interview here or visit the page of hostwriter.org.