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When Westerners establish in Romania

A story with three Spaniards


Bucharest, Romania  Romanians currently form the largest foreign community in Spain – nearly a million by some statistics. While many of them went there for a better life, some Spaniards came here and settled in Romania.

David is an architect and he first came to Romania in '96 when he took a sabbatical year. He says he liked the people, the simple style of living at that time, and Bucharest from the 90s impressed him with the “poetry” of a city crisscrossed by several eras. So he decided to stay..  

In 2002, Rafaela moved to Bucharest aswel. Romanians were more sad back then, she says, but she liked the country so much that she decided to stay. She set up a business that helps Spanish investors in Romania and now, after more than 12 years, she admits she feels “a little bit Romanian.”  

Another David, a younger one, saw Romania for the first time in 2005, when the country barely staerted to take european shape. In 2008 he moved in Bucharest altogether. He taught English, he aught Spanish to Romanians and then Romanian to Spaniards. He went through several jobs, but even when things have been tough, he chose to stay here.  

Published July 2015
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